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Official RoH Announcements

  1. Affiliation News and Announcements

For all the latest news and important information regarding the site and forum.

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GRAND UNVEILING: RoH Charac... - last post by Livi

Instruction Manual

  1. Archives

All information partaining to the site and forum can be found in here.
If you're new, it's a good idea to read these threads first before posting!

  • 13 topics
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Battle System Archives - last post by Kiroku

Character Profiles

  1. Approved Character Profiles,
  2. Retired or AWOL Characters

This is were you officially submit your character profiles to be checked and approved. If you're interested in taking part in the battle system, you must have a profile made.
The process of making a character can be streamlined by using the Character Generator found Here
Note: You'll only receive your race once you have put up a draft of a character profile. A Scribe will see and adjust your account in accordance to whatever race you selected in your profile.

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Nevada [new character] - last post by Canadian Nay

The Heros Fountain

  1. Training Archives

New members can come here and apply for training. Trainers will be assigned to you to help you with getting started on this site; from role-playing, general rules, and even using the battle system.

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Battle System Training: Dea... - last post by DeadlyLynx

Character Flashbacks

  1. Completed Flashbacks Archive,
  2. Unfinished Flashbacks Archive

Want to earn XP and flesh out your character even more? Submit a flashback and earn up to 3xp!
Note: Please read rules and regulations regarding the flashback procedure.

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Little Bird - last post by Robin Skyrune

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The Tavern

  1. Newbie Reception Area,
  2. Over 18's Lounge,
  3. RoH 2014 Member's Awards,
  4. Forum Fun and Frolicks

General OOC discussion area. Most topics are fair game, steer clear of politics and religion

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Welcome To Realms of Hyrule... - last post by Livi

Comments and Suggestions

This is where discussion will take place with regards to development. Questions and ideas for the storyline, battle system, or general site concerns can be voiced here.

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Character Generator - last post by Cerina

RP Networking

  1. Networking Archives

Are you new or simply lazing about looking for people to RP with? Well, fret no more! You can make a thread in here giving details of personal quests and adventures for people to join.

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Billy Thurkon, Wizz-Rogue B... - last post by DeathWalker

Guild Planning and Creation

Do you have an idea for a guild? Want to advertise your guild idea to the masses and attempt to get people recruited to your cause? Will this is the place to do it!

  • 26 topics
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The Cause - last post by Robin Skyrune

The Artists Retreat

  1. Archive,
  2. Snowhead Writing Competition,
  3. Snowhead Art Competition

For all your artwork, fanpics, character images, and other bits and pieces.

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Loaded Tablet Pen - last post by Ace of Mana

Toggle The Limbo Realm The Limbo Realm

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The Town of Dreamington

Dreamington lies in the north east of Hyrule, sitting on the boundaries between the vast plains and the rocky ranges of Death Mountain. It is a quaint yet difficult town to find and people feel that once they leave the town, it's very difficult if not impossible to find their way back.

New Members - Rules are relaxed in this forum, so please feel free to use this area as a test bed for learning to RP. You will be allowed to post 20 times before you're automatically removed from the town. You do not need a character profile to RP here.

Staff - You cannot use your existing characters to RP in this area. Please use a staff account that does not generate post count.

  • 7 topics
  • 75 replies
The Misty Inn - last post by leomonta

Toggle The Imperial State of Hyrule The Imperial State of Hyrule

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The Frozen Wastes

The northern frontier of Hyrule, this icy realm is home to roaming bands of nomads and travelers. The area is highly mountainous, with snow covering much of the landscape. There are numerous frozen lakes and small seas also to be found.

When Ganondorf fell, his hordes of monsters and followers fled to the north, where they still reside in numbers.

  • 9 topics
  • 117 replies
Travel Thread - The Frozen... - last post by Elginive Song

Hyrule Castle City

  1. Hyrule Palace,
  2. The Market Square,
  3. Hyrule Festival Square

Newly rebuilt after the reign of Ganondorf, Hyrule Castle City is perhaps one of the most modern cities in Hyrule. It is the political center for both Hyrule and Termina, and constantly has a stream of diplomats and traders passing through. As the capital city, it is also considered to be one of the most desirable places to live in Hyrule.

  • 235 topics
  • 7,756 replies
Upper Class (Howl Manor) - last post by Robin Skyrune

Hyrule Field

  1. Rauru Village

The breadbasket of Hyrule. Many of Hyrule’s farms are found here, and a good deal of the produce that feeds the kingdom originates here.

  • 61 topics
  • 1,087 replies
Travel Thread - Hyrule Field - last post by Eternalfire61

The Gerudo Desert

  1. Gerudo Ruins,
  2. The Haunted Wastes,
  3. The Colossus,
  4. The Arbiters Grounds

A large desert that used to be the home of the Gerudo. Only the most hardy live within here, and only the most prepared travelers can pass through without succumbing to the harsh conditions of the desert.

  • 17 topics
  • 267 replies
Travel Thread - The Gerudo... - last post by The Archon

Death Mountain Range

  1. Goron City,
  2. Goron Mines

A massive mountain range that is home to both Death Mountain and a large Goron population. These mountains can be a challenge for the average traveler, and should be crossed with care. A variety of mountainous wildlife makes its home on the slopes.

  • 23 topics
  • 415 replies
Travel Thread - Death Mount... - last post by Elginive Song

The Zora River

  1. Zora's Domain

A river that runs through much of Hyrule. The source of the river is the Zora’s Domain. The areas closer to the domain tend to be guarded by Zora. The river is Hyrule’s largest water supply.

One can stay on the river and ride the current down to Termina.

  • 26 topics
  • 336 replies
Begin the change - last post by Zimo Aririke

Kakariko Gorge

  1. Kakariko Reconstruction Area

A canyon that connects Hyrule Field with the town of Kakariko. A small variety of wildlife create homes in the canyon walls, and it's also a dangerous place to roam during the night.

  • 74 topics
  • 2,526 replies
A place once called home - last post by Reikas

Dragon Roost Mountain

  1. Rito Village,
  2. Carcerus Veneficum

A large, volcanic mountain that is the home of the Rito. It is a very challenging mountain to traverse, and only the well prepared travelers can survive a climb. Legends say an ancient spirit lies sleeping at the top of this dormant volcano.

  • 24 topics
  • 512 replies
A Family Visit - last post by DeadlyLynx

Lake Hylia

  1. The Great Bridge of Hylia,
  2. The Summer Festival

The route from The Zora Domain to Lake Hylia remains open, but the Water Temple and the island above it are fiercely guarded by the Zora. The lake itself now sports a small village, the only one in Hyrule to have constituents from all the races in one place. Still a small farming community, it does not export much for the benefit of all of Hyrule.

  • 59 topics
  • 1,271 replies
Travel Thread - Lake Hylia - last post by Nakul

The Southern Plains

  1. Lon Lon Town

The plains connect Hyrule Field and the Lost Woods. They are also the centre of commerce for Hyrule, being the location of Lon Lon Town.

  • 64 topics
  • 1,641 replies
Travel Thread - The Souther... - last post by Breazel

The Lost Woods

  1. Kokiri Forest,
  2. The Underwood

Quest Forum
These forests hold strange powers, capable of twisting minds to leading lost travellers to far off places. This place is not for the faint hearted, but it provides access to the Kokiri Forest and the Sacred Meadow.

  • 11 topics
  • 261 replies
Travel Thread - The Lost Woods - last post by BATPOOL

Toggle The Democratic State of Termina The Democratic State of Termina

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Clock Town

  1. The North District,
  2. The East District,
  3. The South District,
  4. The West District

A bustling trade and manufacturing center, second only to Lon Lon Town. The wealthiest of all merchants reside here as well as all central government officials. Because of it's rapid and rather unprecedented expansion, poor and downtrodden ghettos have formed in various parts of the bustling city.

  • 140 topics
  • 4,597 replies
Something About A Shopping... - last post by Rawiya Shahr

Snowhead Mountains

  1. Goron Village,
  2. Mountain Village,
  3. Snowhead Mountain Festival

The second major industrial center in Termina. Home to the Terminian Gorons, it has become an ore-producing goldmine. Over the years manufacturers have moved in to the area and with the help of the Gorons, have begun to start mass production, affordable only by the rich mineral deposits.

  • 35 topics
  • 934 replies
Cold, very cold - last post by BATPOOL

Termina Field

  1. North Village,
  2. East Village,
  3. The Observatory

After having become the major travel route to/from Hyrule and Termina, it's come under heavy guard by both nations and independent Mercenaries hired by Merchant organizations.

  • 54 topics
  • 1,444 replies
The Crossroads Tavern - last post by DeadlyLynx

West Falls

  1. Romani Ranch,
  2. Fishing Village

The West Falls encompasses the plains to the west of Clock Town. The plains touch the Great Bay, providing an ideal area for fishing villages to reside and tourists to travel to. The area contains a massive waterfall which is said to contain a secret cave behind it.

  • 26 topics
  • 509 replies
Travel Thread - West Falls - last post by Eraz

The Great Bay

  1. Zora Hall,
  2. Pirates Fortress,
  3. Port of Calum

The largest body of water in whole continent, the Great Bay is actually a sea. The water is treachous due to powerful currents, fog, sharp rocks and piracy. The bay also houses the Zora city.

  • 54 topics
  • 1,645 replies
The Stitcher's Clinic - last post by Yverin

Southern Swamp

  1. Deku Palace,
  2. Swamp Village

Having remained largely, untouched throughout the decades, it's home to the Deku race and a small population of humans that have settled along it's outskirts. Both human and deku population answer to the Deku King.

  • 9 topics
  • 240 replies
Travel Thread - Southern Swamp - last post by Billy Thurkon

Ikana Canyon

  1. Ikana Castle,
  2. Garo Ruins

Home to the ancient Ikana Kingdom. Having long since been the cause of much fear and haunted tales, the government of Termina has sealed off entrance to the public, only allowing those with special permission inside.

  • 17 topics
  • 357 replies
Continued Shenanigans Invol... - last post by r3dstone

Toggle The Guild Halls The Guild Halls

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The Cause

The Cause is a group of revolutionaries who embrace the winds of change and seek to take control of Hyrule - by any means necessary - and establish a New Hyrule, under a new government and ruling.

Guild Master: Zain

  • 9 topics
  • 79 replies

Alana's Traveling Caravan of Reckless but Intelligent Idiots

Known better as simply The Caravan, Alana’s Traveling Caravan of Reckless but Intelligent Idiots is a conglomerate of all the reckless idiots out there, wishing to make Hyrule and Termina better place with better customer service and cookies whilst having the most fun possible.

  • 27 topics
  • 279 replies

The Vanguard

The Vanguard is a secret organization dedicated to ensuring the future of Hyrule by protecting and providing for the 'missing' Princess Zelda. It is comprised of a mismatched and colorful individuals with varied ambitions despite their shared goals.

Guild Master: Jack Archer

  • 5 topics
  • 22 replies

Toggle The Battle Arena The Battle Arena

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Battle System Logs

All battles will have their roll logs posted here to keep them out of the RP but easily accessible for use. Topics should contain a link to their parent thread, as well as follow the proper formatting.

  • 27 topics
  • 265 replies
Danali vs Skreemin Decoo (a... - last post by Aspen

Sparring Grounds

  1. Spar Archive,
  2. Two Realm Tournament

For those who wish to have casual one-on-ones, or team battles. Victory usually means nothing besides the valued practice you get.

  • 231 topics
  • 3,473 replies
Gentlemens' Fisticuffs... - last post by Tillion Dauserhaert

Main Quests

  1. Questing Archives

  • 16 topics
  • 1,669 replies
The Lost Woods - last post by Elga Dell

Side Quests

  1. How the Goro-Grinch Stole Goddess-Day,
  2. Missing Children,
  3. Sunken Ship,
  4. Cave of Ordeals,
  5. Pirates!,
  6. My Time of Need,
  7. Festival of Hearts,
  8. The Goron Mines,
  9. Ganon's Eve

  • 156 topics
  • 7,218 replies
Robin: Quest Thread - last post by Robin Skyrune

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  1. Realms of Hyrule Awards,
  2. Santa's Grotto

Old Forums and Topics can be found here.

  • 18 topics
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Plan - last post by Evelyn Hyrule

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