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    New members can come here and apply for training. Trainers will be assigned to you to help you with getting started on this site; from role-playing, general rules, and even using the battle system.
    1. RP & BS Training Grounds

      New members can come here and apply for training. Trainers will be assigned to you to help you with getting started on this site; from role-playing, general rules, and even using the battle system.
    1. Solitary Confinement

      If you can see this, then you have officially been put here by an NPC Soldier. You will have to work off your time here with how ever many posts suggested by your rp partners. Only when you complete your required amount will you be rewarded with the posts and rupees.
    2. West Hyrule Field

      The western half of the large fields that surround the Harkinian Ruins. The western half has more settlements and hamlets dotting the landscape, in no small part due to the foundation and efforts of the Order of Rauru following the defeat of the Evil King. To the east is East Hyrule Field and the Harkinian Ruins. To the west is the Haunted Forest. To the southwest is the Tantari Desert.
    3. East Hyrule Field

      The eastern half of the large fields that surround the Harkinian Ruins. Much of the Field is wild, but tiny settlements and hamlets dot the landscape where farmers have attempted to start bringing life to the land again after the Evil King's reign. To the north and east are the Trilby Highlands. To the west is West Hyrule Field and the Harkinian Ruins. To the southeast is Midoro Swamp.
    4. South Hyrule

      A land untamed and uncharted since the end of the wars. It is incredibly hostile and full of the unknown.
    5. Trilby Highlands

      The mountain range surrounding Death Mountain that gradually turns from rocky, plantless terrain into verdant green hills as one travels further south and east. Mountains include Mount Crenel, Dragon Roost, and Mount Eldin, as well as Snowpeak to the far, far north of the range. To the north is Death Mountain. To the south and west is East Hyrule Field.
    6. Death Mountain

      The largest mountain in Hyrule which serves as the ancestral homeland of the Goron race. It and the nearby area have treacherous volcanic terrain if one strays too far from the relatively safer footpaths marked by travellers. Open flowing lava and fire spouts are a common sight. To the north, the mountainous terrain grows progressively colder and more barren until eventually reaching an an unpassable icy wasteland. To the south and east are the Trilby Highlands.
    7. Midoro Swamp

      A swamp in southwestern Hyrule, home to unique flora and insect life that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. It is home to many Lizalfos tribes, who tend to live nomadic lifestyles in the swamp and have little in the way of permanent settlements. The landscape consists of lush trees and boggy mires. To the north and west is East Hyrule Field. Far to the east, the mires become thick and treacherous and rumour has it that passage out of the eastern swamp is blocked by a nest of Gohmas, including an Armogohma queen. Travel in that direction is suicidal.
    8. Harkinian Ruins

      The ruins of what was once a thriving city and the center of Hyrulean civilization, Castle City is now the Harkinian Ruins, home to the remnants of the Evil King’s Army, the vast majority being Stalfos. Years after the Evil King’s defeat, his army has devolved into a fraction of what it once was, though what is left of the city is still controlled by it. The ruins play host to raiding parties which continue to strike terror into the other people of Hyrule, though there is a great deal of infighting among rival clans and groups which have formed.
    9. Haunted Forest

      Children are warned by their parents never to venture into the Haunted Forest lest they become lost in the dark and foreboding trees which seem to shift locations and end up kidnapped by Skull Kids. Cartographers have long since decided that mapping the forest is a fruitless endeavor, landmarks seemingly changing places at random. The outskirts of the Haunted Forest are generally considered much safer to navigate, though safe is a relative term considering the abundance of poes and stalchildren. To the east is West Hyrule Field.
    10. Tantari Desert

      An ancient desert as old as Hyrule itself, and ancestral homeland of the Gerudo. The landscape is hot and dry, barring the exception of few oases essential for any adventurers to stop at. The deep desert is treasurous to traverse, with burrowing predators and Bulblin raiding parties dotting the landscape. Venturing too far west is considered near to suicidal, as there are furious sandstorms and the presence of a giant Molgera queen and her children, as well as Moldarachs. To the northeast is West Hyrule Field. To the southeast is Parapa Canyon, the only passage to the Ordona Plains. However, the canyon pass is blocked by Eox, a massive stone golem, and passage through to the Plains is currently impossible.
    1. The Tavern

      General OOC discussion area. Most topics are fair game, steer clear of politics and religion
    2. RP Networking

      Are you new or simply lazing about looking for people to RP with? Well, fret no more! You can make a thread in here giving details of personal quests and adventures for people to join.
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    A place where the old come to die. Threads that are inactive after 60 days will be placed in here.
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