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Character Registery

Submit your character here to be reviewed. Do not submit your character into inactive sheets. Inactive sheets are for those character sheets that have not been completed in 2 weeks.

  1. Inactive Sheets

    After 2 weeks, if a profile hasn't been completed it will be filed in here. If you wish to finish your sheet, please contact a scribe to pull it from this area and unlock it.
  2. Approved Character Sheets

    Profiles that check out in terms of: - Cohering to the plot. - Stats correct. Will be placed here.
  3. AWOL or Retired Character Sheets

    If you wish to retire your character you may have their profile moved here. Note that retiring a character means you give up any rights that this character has (such as race slots). Your character will automatically be considering AWOL if you've not posted in the RP for ten weeks(if you haven't prewarned us).
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