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Death Mountain

The largest mountain in Hyrule which serves as the ancestral homeland of the Goron race. It and the nearby area have treacherous volcanic terrain if one strays too far from the relatively safer footpaths marked by travellers. Open flowing lava and fire spouts are a common sight. To the north, the mountainous terrain grows progressively colder and more barren until eventually reaching an an unpassable icy wasteland. To the south and east are the Trilby Highlands.

  1. Talus Cave

    Carved into the mountain is Talus Cave, the last remaining settlement of the Gorons in Hyrule. Remnants of the Evil King’s mines and ore refineries remain, some partially dismantled and others used by the Gorons who decided not to return to mining by hand as they did before the war. The mines are still active, and many other settlements rely on shipments of refined ore from Talus.
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