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Haunted Forest

Children are warned by their parents never to venture into the Haunted Forest lest they become lost in the dark and foreboding trees which seem to shift locations and end up kidnapped by Skull Kids. Cartographers have long since decided that mapping the forest is a fruitless endeavor, landmarks seemingly changing places at random. The outskirts of the Haunted Forest are generally considered much safer to navigate, though safe is a relative term considering the abundance of poes and stalchildren. To the east is West Hyrule Field.

  1. Forest Haven

    A section of the woods known as Kokiri Forest was burned at the height of the Great War, though the exact cause of the fire remains unknown to this day. In the fire, the Deku Tree was scorched and killed, but in his final moments blessed his Kokiri children with the ability to leave the forest. With no place else to go, the majority of the Kokiri scattered throughout Hyrule to join the rest of society, though a small population of Kokiri took up residence in Forest Haven on the outskirts of the Haunted Forest, too anxious to venture far from the trees. The presence of a Great Fairy Fountain keeps the Haven free from poes and stalchildren.
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