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Tantari Desert

An ancient desert as old as Hyrule itself, and ancestral homeland of the Gerudo. The landscape is hot and dry, barring the exception of few oases essential for any adventurers to stop at. The deep desert is treasurous to traverse, with burrowing predators and Bulblin raiding parties dotting the landscape. Venturing too far west is considered near to suicidal, as there are furious sandstorms and the presence of a giant Molgera queen and her children, as well as Moldarachs. To the northeast is West Hyrule Field. To the southeast is Parapa Canyon, the only passage to the Ordona Plains. However, the canyon pass is blocked by Eox, a massive stone golem, and passage through to the Plains is currently impossible.

  1. Gerudo Valley

    A valley in the more livable outskirts of the desert that the Gerudo tribe calls home. The Gerudo Fortress was destroyed during the Great War, as part of a counter-attack against the Evil King, but a smaller settlement has taken its place while other Gerudo choose to live a more nomadic life. Due to the Evil King’s Gerudo heritage and the race’s historical reputation as thieves, they tend to be looked on with suspicion if not outright hostility by outsiders, and are wary of outsiders in return.
  2. Twilight Enclave

    Formerly the Arbiter’s Grounds, the ancient prison has been converted into a home for the Twili trapped in Hyrule. During the Great War, the Twili were called upon to fight. Those who crossed over through the Mirror of Twilight were blessed by the Light Sage to be able to survive in the Light World without forcibly becoming shadows. However, the Mirror of Twilight was shattered during an attack by the Evil King’s forces and several fragments stolen and lost, trapping those Twili and their descendents in Hyrule. To this day the Twili guard the remaining shards of the Mirror, hoping that one day the lost shards will resurface and they may be able to go home.
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