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Who We Are:

Hey Everyone, my name is Andrew! Most will recognize me on Realms of Hyrule as Elginive however. My wife, Mana, is the head honcho running Realms of Hyrule, but I am currently the lead visual design and back end web developer for RoH.

To those unfamiliar with us, Realms of Hyrule is a Online Roleplay writers forum based on the lore and mythos of the Legend of Zelda series. RoH has been around since 2001 and has built a very strong community, and is very welcoming to new members. We also have implemented a unique battle system- designed to be easy to learn, but maintaining the feel of a classic dice roll function. We also have a fully functional store for purchasing in-game uses.

Our Goal as a Community:

Our current goal is to continue building this community into an even stronger one with a fully immersive world that resembles the look and feel of Zelda, but with its own unique blend of ideas, contributions and experiences.

This is where Sponsorship comes in. By helping contribute financially, you are helping us build this experience to be more than we could do on our own. Not only covering the hosting costs, and our personal time contributions, but also help me create works of art, both concept and user interface related to make this a site unlike any other.

We really appreciate your help, and every little bit helps!

What is the Money Going Towards?

Primarily this is what we have in mind for RoH. Such as! Hosting/Domain Fees, Mods, Advertising & Marketting.
As we grow, and cover costs we will start looking at further ways to improve the site, such as hiring a Web Developer to write custom code for us. And I'm sure I'll think of more things we would like to do if we have said funds for it :).

1st Goal: $30 /mo
$19 Funded
2 Sponsors
Help Fund RoH!

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