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Cayn Rinleif

Discussion in 'Approved Character Sheets' started by Cayn, May 11, 2018.

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    May 10, 2018
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    Name: Cayn Rinleif
    Other Aliases: The Not Very Nice Nice Person
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hylian

    Physical Description: Cayn is a bit on the shorter side of the hylian spectrum, standing at five feet and six inches. With lightning blue hair sir that he keeps tied back most of the time reaching his shoulders, and a pale complexion from the lack of sun due to his studies, he makes a fairly shocking appearance. In his late twenties, somewhere between twenty-six and twenty nine, he for some reason is completely unable to grow facial hair, though throughout his life he has always maintained a pretty lean body type.

    Personality: Cayn lives up to his title. He is not very nice at first glance. He argues for no reason, insults people for the simplest thing. Or is such a negative Nancy that nobody wants to be around him. He is the embodiment of a salty tongue and poor attitude. And yet if one can get passed the almost always furrowed eyebrows and annoyed rolls of his eyes, he is fairly willing to go out of his way to help someone.

    Normally. Cayn does not discriminate between who recieves his healing arts unless it would cause more harm to heal someone than to let them die. With over two decades of medical magic experience, there isn't much he hasn't been able to at least slow as long as the person isn't already dead. This has left him feeling weary at times, of the things that people do to get hurt. He is tired of seeing people get hurt from acts of war or stupidity, and it is these people he berates the most. Sometimes even delaying their healing just to have them suffer more.

    Family: Sixteen siblings, twelve sisters and four brothers, no parents however since his family are all orphans and not related by blood.

    Magical Talents: Light and Darkness elements, taking the appearance of celestial anomalies such as shooting stars and such. Most of these are actually helpful in nature, very rarely dealing damage but healing it himself. But he does also know how to use healing magic to harm if needed, and isn't the kind that needs to be rescued during combat.

    Weapons and Talents: Cayn is an expert navigator. Having learned the entire astronomical map of Hyrule he is quite capable of knowing where he is as long as he knows the season and has clear access to the night sky. For weapons he uses a long rapier to decent effect, sometimes channeling his magic through the weapon to bolster his strikes.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Cayn, for all intents and purposes, is a master of navigation, and yet has problems remembering the names of the towns he is in. Kastuo, Rauru, Hera, they all mean the same to him. As for others while Cayn isn't physically frail, neither is his constitution good enough to stand tests of strength or endurance for very long. As for mental strengths and weaknesses, his berating attitude has made more enemies than friends, but though he seems reluctant, he will often heal someone anyways so this will counterbalance that. The worst problem however, is that Cayn is incredibly nosy. Other's people's affairs are his own even if they actually aren't or he chooses to not get involved.

    History: Cayn started off alone. Born and abandoned, he was adopted by a family of farmers who took in any strays that wandered upon them. And this here is where he grew up. Nothing was easy, from the time he could hold a hoe he was expected to work. And it was back breaking. Him and his sixteen siblings turned a rocky field into something manageable, a few of them even developing magic out of frustration. Him though, his magic came from study. There were three of them like that among the sixteen, a brother and a sister who had that special touch. And yet, Cayn had found something special. Using his knowledge, he could often counter someone else's magic with his own, though it was only when he completely understood their effects.

    But the life on the farm didn't last. Monsters and bandits often targeted the lone settlement, and eventually the trouble was not worth it once their adopted parents passed from age and illness. So the siblings split across the country. Some tried to start a farm near Hera, others took residence in the larger towns. Cayn though, him and his two magically inclined siblings stayed. The turned the farm into a workshop to experiment, buying book and amassing as much knowlesge of magic as they could. Which went great for over a year. Until an accident set off an explosion that seemingly erased his siblings from the face of the world while he was in Rauru buying supplies. This is where his story starts, a mere week after the loss of his home, still trying to pick up the pieces of his life.
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    Another little owlet has come to our flock! Brilliant hoo hoo~ I dare say this profile looks wonderful and for a small bribe of twenty mice I can certainly approve it - - - oh... I am told I cannot ask for bribes! Okay then we'll just have to approve you instead!

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