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Group Dungeons and Ruins and Death Oh Boy!

Discussion in 'Harkinian Ruins' started by Blade, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Blade

    Blade Engineering Major

    Jun 8, 2016
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    The bounty hunter was giving his mage friend his best smile. It was nice to see that, even in this place, after what they'd been through so far, jokes could still be made about it. Joking was often what Alex did to keep a light attitude. He was pretty good at it, he thought. "At least we're all in one piece." If we finish this, whatever money that could be made off the treasures we find will be more than enough to be worth it, he decided. No matter what they found, he was going to split it equally and evenly. He couldn't be cruel and try to keep the star all for himself. Surely, it'd be worth a fortune.

    Ishii was well enough prepared and had brought a lantern to light the way. Alex silently cursed himself for not thinking of it and not thinking to ask anyone else if they had. He was regrettably unprepared for the dangers. Maybe that made it obvious that he was usually the brawn and not the brains of operations he joined in on. "Good call," he noted, "Would be totally screwed if we couldn't see where we were going down here."

    Though, he almost wanted to be kept in the dark after seeing the aftermath of the war and some poor souls that tried to escape and failed. Bones and remains of bodies were everywhere alongside the weapons that had killed them. "Poor souls." Though difficult for his crippled form, he got down to a knee and offered a prayer before continuing on. "Be at rest and forgive us entering here unannounced." There was no reason not to send respects to those whose spirits now inhabited this place. This was no longer just any average sewer tunnel. It was a tomb.

    "It's not too much farther now,"
    he called to the group, using a piece of rubble for support to get back to his feet safely. "We never made it that far in last time before we found what we came for. But the tunnel collapsed and we might.. have to do a little digging." He closed his eye, racking his brain for memories of other tunnels and potential exits. "There were side tunnels. Any one of them might have paths leading back to the surface. This can't be the only exit..." There had to be more. For now, he kept walking, passing one or two of the side paths he had mentioned. Just ahead, the tunnel ended in a quite large sized pile of debris. Through gaps in the stone chunks, the way beyond looked to be intact still. "Must have been just this section that fell in. Any way we can move this or should we look for a way around?"
  2. Ishii Matanzas


    Apr 27, 2016
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    Taking a few steps forward once Conway began leading the way, Ishii's sight went to the sight of the remains of the people who now rested here. It was hardly a time to mourn the loss of people who had died long before they ever came here, but death was death and some people wanted to give the dead their due. Nemorac's words rang true to him and he nodded along. "Let us hope that their deaths were not in vain." He added, unsure what more to add to the sad sight.

    His focus however went to Alex as he began heading past the remains and deeper into the sewers, passing by the various side paths along the way. Lighting the way for Blade, Ishii took one look at the blockade ahead of them and looked beyond what he could. Looking at the others, he shrugged. "It's hard to say if we could break through this. If only one of us had brought a pick-axe.." He mused, then turned around to the tunnel again. "I could move the worst of it to give us an opening, but that would take some time. A bomb would be quick and easy, but it might cause worse structural damage than there already is. Do not know about you guys, but I would rather see the surface again." He weighed the options, then shrugged. "We could see if there is an adjacent tunnel connected through but... Again, time isn't exactly a luxury we have. If someone wants to try though, then go for it. I say we just start pulling this debris off."

    Shrugging his shoulders, Ishii grabbed a piece of debris and took it off the rubble, tossed it to the side and noted that nothing more seemed to be falling downward. Least they won't have to worry about more falling and making progress worse. Grabbing more of the broken stone blocks, Matanzas began clearing out what he could of an opening for the group.

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