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Group Dungeons and Ruins and Death Oh Boy!

Discussion in 'Harkinian Ruins' started by Blade, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Blade

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    Jun 8, 2016
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    This couldn't have gone any worse. Well, actually it could have, Someone could have died and that would have obviously been the worst possible outcome. Though... all four dying would have been worse than just one, and anyway- Alex had gone into this expecting to be prepared for someone to be wounded. Hell, he expected himself to be the one wounded as he was the resident cripple, the slowest and possibly weakest of the bunch with his handicaps. Yet, seeing others hurt like this actually shocked him, stunned him into not knowing exactly how they were going to get out of this. Still, he was going to damn himself to hell if he was going to let these new pals take the same route his previous mates had.

    They'd found the star! The mission was completed! They couldn't just die here, now, so close to the end.

    Ishii was fast at work, but they still required some kind of leverage to give him aid. Being offered a sword, he nodded and took it from the other. "I'll treat it like a lover," he said, the look in his eyes probably making it hard to tell if he was making a joke or not. Still, he wedged it into place, putting his weight against it to hoist the boulder as much as he could. "As soon as you can.. get him out," he grunted. This was incredibly painful and stressful on his not so great shoulder, but he wasn't going to whine about it. He wasn't the one in need here!

    Their poor, injured, crying companion was in grave danger. If they didn't move fast, he might not make it. Though, Alex was sure he'd have some nice words he could carve into a memorial stone for him.... should it come to that. Though, he hoped it did not.

    Hearing him talk, probably babbling to himself to keep his mind busy, Alex still found himself asking. "Who are you talking about? Who wants you to die? Listen now, you're not going to die." He couldn't promise that, yet he would anyway.

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