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Ezekiel "Zen" Noctum

Discussion in 'Approved Character Sheets' started by Zen, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Zen

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    Apr 20, 2017
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    Belkana Hamunuya
    Nico Rozen
    Name: Ezekiel Noctum
    Other Aliases: Prefers “Zen” to his own name
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Race: Sheikah
    Archetype: Renegade

    Physical Description: Zen carries himself in a manner befitting of a drifter. He stands at 6 feet, 1 inch, and weighs around 202 pounds. His eyes are red, completely befitting of a Sheikah. There is a scar over his right eye, but it hasn't impaired his sight whatsoever. Zen's hair is silver in color, and extends down to his lower back. To manage it, he often ties it up into buns that reduce the volume and length drastically. He does not bother to cut it, being too lazy to do so or to even want to commit to the act. While he is a magic caster, his build reflects upon an urge to hurt people with his fists as opposed to using the elements, but he can do both if necessary. He is strong in both the body and the mind, and can readily use either or both to ensure his success in anything he puts his mind to.

    His manner of dress is largely consistent between every day, no matter what he's doing. He dresses in mostly indigo and black colored garb, ranging from his neck down to his feet. On his upper body, he often wears a shirt with long sleeves and a vest padded with leather and other protective materials. He wears gauntlets that protect his arms from attacks, but these also serve as power enhancers for any attacks he makes with his fists. On his lower body, he wears padded pants, boots for comfort, and shorts underneath these pants that are loose fitting and increase his body movement. Sometimes he will wear something on his head to hide parts of his face, such as a hood, a mask, a helmet, a visor, a bandana, or a balaclava, used to hide either his eyes or his mouth. Lastly, sometimes he has had to wear armor, depending on the job he is working, and he hasn't really gotten rid of it. It's a full set of armor that covers his head, chest, arms, waist, and legs, and the pieces take on dull tones of grey and gold so they don't reflect light.

    Personality: At one point, Ezekiel was an idealistic young Sheikah who wanted to do as much good as he could in his life. Now, however, he is an empty shell of what he once was. His job was to inflict torture on those who were deemed “deserving of it,” and the act continually destroyed his being, turning him into “Zen.” He feels nothing anymore. No rage, no sorrow, no joy, nothing whatsoever. The blank expression on his face and the rarely–emotive voice he speaks with are also representative of this. Even if people try to force emotions out of him, his expression remains completely stone–faced. Nothing can get him to feel anymore, not even any pain inflicted on him.

    This blankness translates into how he lives his life, too. He drifts around, avoiding Order of Rauru members and doing what feels natural to him. Sometimes this is fighting. Sometimes this is cooperating with others. He holds no loyalty to anyone, not even those who interest him or willingly choose to work with him. He has no real goals other than to bring the Order down, and if he has to bring down his allies, his former allies, his enemies, or innocent people in order to accomplish this, then so be it. Anything for the sake of progress.

    Family: Zen has a family: A younger sister of three years named Linley, a Hylian mother named Rena, and a Sheikah father named Adrian. While his sister and his mother are perfectly normal and healthy, his father’s mind has addled and regressed into a fugue–like state. Zen did this to him as a consequence of being used as a tool instead of being a person.

    Weapons & Talents: Zen is equipped for any kind of situation in combat, be it through the use of magic or letting his fists do all the talking. In the event that his fists have to be used, Zen utilizes a powerful weapon grafted to the gauntlets on his wrists. Each gauntlet has blades grafted onto them that have been ripped from axes, and they adjust to whatever fighting style he decides to use. He can adopt any kind of fighting style, and can fight as a disciplined or reckless individual. But really, his punches pack a mean wallop when he puts both his mind and his back into it.

    Should he need a deadlier form of combat, he will switch to using knives or bows for ranged and close–quarters fighting, but predominantly ranged fighting. He always makes sure to have arrows and knives on his person, but the bow he uses changes often. Either he gets rid of whatever one he has for another bow, or he will replace any bow he breaks fairly quickly.

    Magical Talents: Through endless experimentation, Zen has mastered the Shadow and Forest elements. On their own, they can be used as projectiles that serve the purpose of elemental offense if necessary. Combining the two creates an illusory series of spells that afflicts those affected by them with overwhelming sensory fear. The illusion is administered by skin-to-skin contact, and Zen will often go for touching his opponent's face or neck to inflict it. Targets will see anything they fear in their field of vision, yet their visualized fears are private to them; Zen himself will not see anything they see. In truth, his abilities aren’t deadly in any way, though too much exposure to his abilities can break people and addle their minds. In the past, his magical abilities were used as a torture device to break criminals and force them to spill their secrets. He still uses his abilities this way in the present, but now more insidiously as a weapon than as a tool.

    DISCLAIMER: This magic can only be inflicted upon other characters on player consent and/or cooperation. Zen does not control what they see or how they choose to deal with what they see. Ending the illusion is as simple as saying, either in or out of character, that they don't want to see what they're seeing anymore. Please contact me with any additional questions.

    Strengths & Weaknesses: Zen is a master of stealth and concealment. He is able to mask his presence quite easily, combining both stealth arts and Shadow magic to look like he can fade from existence and return to the world of the living on a moment's notice. His skills aren't necessarily considered legendary, as anyone with the training could do exactly what he does, only slightly differently. But he prefers his method to any other, as he likes to claim it makes him unique...well, he used to, anyway. Now it's just a skill he uses in the thick of a job. And whenever a job goes awry, he is more often than not careful enough to not get caught, and veiling his face with something, like masks, hoods, or bandanas, usually does the trick here. Zen takes many measures to protect himself, through either his stealth or just something as simple as covering his face, but it still gets the job done, no matter which way he throws it.

    While Zen always wears an emotionless, blank face, this does not mean he is not doing anything. He is always watching, always listening, always thinking, and is always ready to react to any situation. He possesses a high level of awareness of his surroundings, and almost nothing escapes from his eyes and ears...well, almost nothing. He would admit that he has quite a few blind spots that his eyes and ears can't pick up, but otherwise, he's alert enough to know what's going on in an environment, though he is not able to pick up on whether or not any of this pertains to him. But as long as he is able to pick up on things, then he knows that his skills are still sharp enough to keep doing what he does.

    History: Zen, then known as Ezekiel, was born to a family of mages working for the Order of Rauru. His father was an Inquisitor in the Order's ranks and was good at his job, continuing to hunt evil mages to this day. His mother was a mage in the Order's services, using her knowledge to teach others about the dangers of using magic incorrectly. Ezekiel was the oldest of two children; he had a sister three years his junior named Linley. Growing up, he and his sister were taught the virtues of the goddesses and the tenets of the Order, in the hopes that they would join the Order when they came of age. While he paid attention to the lectures, he believes it to be some form of malarkey. He wanted visible proof that the goddesses existed, and the adults he questioned about it dodged the subject by saying "when you're ready.”

    Eventually, Ezekiel and Linley began to develop talents and habits of magic, starting with the Shadow element then diverging from there. Despite their respective talents, Ezekiel was more proficient in Shadow and Forest while Linley was more proficient in Shadow and Wind. Their mother gave them magic lessons to teach them how to control the elements and use it as a defense mechanism. Their father, on the other hand, recognized their magic talents and sought to train them in weapons to enhance their magical talents, granting them the power and training necessary of Inquisitor positions in the future.

    At some point, Ezekiel developed a type of illusory magic by combining his elemental proficiencies, but he couldn't wrap his head around what it could do initially. It wasn't until later that his sister and father continued to have nightmares that seemed all too real and deadly that he was discovered as the source. His mother remarked that his magic was dangerous and needed to be controlled better. His father, in the other hand, lauded this power and sought to use it as a tool for Inquisition work. Ezekiel raised an eyebrow at the prospect, though the rest of his family objected to such treatment. The temptation came in the form of making something better of himself, and reluctantly, he took it.

    From that point onward, Ezekiel became a member of the Inquisition, rechristened under the name "Zen" to uphold the tenets and stay loyal to the group. He never did any real mage hunting in the field, though he did accompany other Inquisition members on their own respective hunts. In exchange, he was charged with the handling of magical prisoners the Inquisition captured to try and squelch any information he could get out of them. He was unsuccessful in the very beginning because of his budding powers. In time, however, he was able to focus on manifesting the victim’s fears in their waking eyes, causing them to feel fear-fueled sensations that eventually got them to talk and tell the truth. This was most often used to get prisoners to confess to their crimes or sell out any other mages they knew.

    As time went on, Zen became more and more desensitized to everything he saw and did. His actions with his magic were the practical equivalent of torture, exploiting the minds of others for the inquisition's goals through heightened, controlled fear. There was no pleasure to be found in the act as the years went on, nor was there joy. The torturing destroyed him as an individual, weeding out what was left of Ezekiel until only Zen remained. Without realizing it, he delved deeper and deeper into darkness until he became the very thing he tortured for a living, with the only thing differentiating him from them was loyalty.

    Loyalty would not last, though. His ultimate fall from grace came in the form of a final torture subject. Surprisingly, Zen found this to be one of the rare cases where his fear magic wouldn't work, thus resorting to physical methods to beat the information out of the captive suspect. Said suspect mockingly accused him of being a tool used for furthering dark ambition, subverted as the light, and that without his loyalty, he would be considered the very thing his group hunted. The words shook Zen at his core, and he wondered if this was the case. To confirm, he went to his father, another Inquisition member, and confronted him about the accusations. At first, his father denied everything, touting it as horrible lies. Then Zen did the unthinkable and used his magic to induce fear on him, and the truth came spilling out. The accusation of Zen being a tool for the Inquisition, and the Order overall, was indeed true. When asked why, Zen's father feared in the past that his son would become an evil mage if his power was left unchecked, and he did everything he could to "save his son," as it were. Zen simply stood there and listened. Either become an evil mage with his power, or use it to do the Order's dirty work...both were just as evil.

    With a response of "We'll, you failed," Zen amplified his fear magic and addled his father's brain into a comatose state, something far worse than death. After that, he abandoned the Order and left Rauru, becoming the very thing that he tortured in the end. Avoiding the Orderites that came after him was easy. He understood all the tricks necessary to capture rogue mages and used them all against them. If he was to be viewed as an evil to the forces of good, then he would become evil to satisfy those purposes. He became a fear-inducing ghost story of a man as he traveled across Northern Hyrule, striking terror into the hearts of those he encountered and fought simply because the Order had done him dirty. He would hold no loyalties to any group or individual, and would simply watch as the weak-willed groveled beneath him. Ezekiel Noctum was as good as gone, and now...only Zen remained.
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