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Public Farore's Harp

Discussion in 'Hera Outpost' started by Dante Stormward, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Fey Ramsay

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    Accordion style doors were pulled wide open. Sconces and torches alike were brightly lit as the luminous stone that had been built into the building gave the venue the right touches. She had heard through the grapevine that this was the only other known music hall within the Hyrule proxy. Ever since the Raven cafe closed in Kasuto – a sad fate really considering she had been super excited about the prospect – it gave her very little reason to linger in the Shiekah town. Earning a small pay from her temporary employment, it had been enough to bring her here. To Hera. Where the weather was muggy and her clothing felt like it was trying to see how close it could get to her skin.

    It was mid evening thankfully. The arid air seemed to lessen though it did little wonders for her already wide mane of hair. Forced to braid it less it wanted to become a frizzy puff on the top of her head; Fey could hear the sounds of music coming from within.

    Not like that was hard to see or hear considering the previously noted open doors.

    It sounded wonderful and made her heart soar. Finally a place where her musical love would be welcomed!

    Wasting little time to close the distance from door to inside; there was a small bar off to the left hand upon entering. A few people were nudged up against the countertop talking to some red head hylian woman but the rest were notably lodged at the tables before a large stage. Someone was on the stage playing a violin though they were clearly tone deaf. Didn’t seem to lessen those listening.

    Affectionately patting that of the guitar on her back, she would watch for now. Curious to see what other talent may come up.

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