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Gozobick Gorehide

Discussion in 'Approved Character Sheets' started by Gorehide, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Nov 18, 2017
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    The Forgotten Soldier
    Name: Gozobick Gorehide

    Other Aliases: Gozobick the Blacksmith (Title), Lord Gorehide (Self-Proclaimed), Gozobick the Betrayer (Dishonored Title)

    Age: 54

    Physical Description: His rocky hide is garnet in color. His rocky back forms spikes. He has a “beard” that comes to two points on his chin and a “mullet.” He has a muscular build. He wears a chainmail loincloth and steel gauntlets. He is often covered in soot and ash. His amber eyes are deep set. He has all of his teeth, though some are chipped. He has a branding on his chest, it is of a gossip stone’s eye with an “X” over the iris. He often tries to cover this branding when in public areas, opting to wear a blacksmith’s apron.

    Personality: Gozobick Gorehide is self-centered often tries to further his own goals with little concern to others. However, those who are loyal to him, he tries to keep alive, since he seeks companionship. Whether that companionship is with a friend or just minions is hard to say. He is manipulative, often lying or saying exactly what people want to hear to get his way. However, he is no push over. Gozobick is also a tactical genius, often using and manipulating terrain to his advantage. He prefers beating his opponents into submission; preferring their surrender over their death.

    Gozobick sympathizes with The Dragmiran Remnant and those who remain loyal to Ganondorf. Gozobick believes that he is destined to rule. He believes that he can forge his own kingdom out of the ruins of Hyrule. He believes that the current governments of Hyrule are weak and that this white peace is cowardly. He does not believe he can take on the world, but he does believe with time and effort, he could rule it.

    Family: None; Anyone who would consider him family is either deceased or disowned him.

    Magical Talents: Fire and earth. He mixes the two to create volcanic magic, which he uses to forge weapons.

    Weapons and Talents: He wields a blacksmith’s hammer, which he uses as a battle hammer. He is a proficient blacksmith, often forging his own gear.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Gorehide is athletic, able to lift boulders and roll at high speeds. He is an excellent liar and schemer. He is a brilliant tactician, able to think in three dimensions. He is a brilliant blacksmith, with over forty years of experience.

    Gorehide primary weakness is his own hubris, often overestimating himself. Gorehide has a nasty temper, often letting it get in the way. When he is not trying to blend in, he likes to boast who he is. He lacks the same natural friendliness of his Goron brothers. He dislikes surrender, only opting to when in a hopeless situation or badly beaten. He has aquaphobia.

    History: Gozobick Gorehide was a blacksmith during the Thirty-Years’ War, trained by the blacksmiths of Death Mountain. His power over fire and earth made him able to create magma wherever, essentially having a forge at his fingertips. However, he grew tired of Hyrule and its foolish ways. Ganondorf’s army was much more appealing to Gorehide, for whatever reason. Gorehide left the mountain and found a high ranking Wizzrobe named Charcoal. Gorehide began working under Charcoal and forged powerful weapons and armor for Charcoal’s legion. For years, this served Gorehide well, able to hone his abilities unrestricted by the chieftain of the mountain. However, in the final years of the war, Charcoal’s legion, along with Charcoal himself, was destroyed. Gorehide was captured and branded for his betrayal.

    After the war, even with the neutrality policy of Death Mountain, Gorehide was banished by the chieftain for his betrayal against his people. Gorehide fled to Castle Dragmire, where he was fortunate enough to be welcomed due to some of the high-ranking officials recognizing his work during the war. For years, Gorehide forged weapons for the gangs in Castle Dragmire, gaining minor recognition. However, he eventually grew tired of being little more than a supplier of arms, so he left to see the world. He honed his skills throughout Hyrule, so that one day, he could forge his own kingdom.
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    Hoot, hoot! A less friendly goron than those we've seen so far. Go forth and cause mayhem, Lord Gorehide! You are approved!

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