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Closed Hunting for quarry

Discussion in 'Harkinian Ruins' started by Saint Stonestalk, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Saint Stonestalk



    LV: 1

    Stones crunched under foot, the sky forever seemingly blotted out in a spiraling thick clouds. Looming and fearless if not a bit angry due to their purplish red hue. It could be early morning yet it all was overcast in the darkness. As if the dark king had never been slain, remaining in his hold projecting this umbra upon the ruins trying to keep hold on the bleak atmosphere. It was almost winning should she not know the difference between the truth and what was before her eyes.

    Trees were gnarled, branches stretching out like claws waiting to grab those foolish enough to walk too close; the place had a otherworldly charm muddled in against the death of the mobs within. Tales of stals and lizalfos still loyal to the dead lord not to mention poes and whatever else remained crowding the ruins in futile hopes that if they remained then their mission was not conquered. It was a sad existence but they clung. Desperately in her mind to something that would not come back. At least not without being noticed by the Order or some other organization.

    Stepping over that of a strew corpse unsure what its race had been due to the great rot that took its body; Sebastion was muttering under his breath. His gaze darting left and right, up and down looking for whatever was lying in wait for them. Holding up the rear did he keep a close guard to the shiekahn woman.

    "This was a bad idea." He stated for the twentieth time today, "Nariko,"

    "We won't know unless we see. If you feel that nervous you can go back to the horses and wait there." Flatly she stated only peering across her shoulder when he exhaled hard, annoyed with her and the reminder that she would still do this with or without me. His chivalry was far too strong to just let her walk inside. He'd sooner try to scoop her up and drag her away but they both knew that she could easily out maneuver him.

    "How long will this take?"

    Shrugging she made a point towards the looming castle in the distance. "It's still somewhat standing which means that probably with all the monsters hailing it as part of their glory, we will be here a while. I don't think you want us to fight everything here and be killed, so we will have to stealth our way around which means it takes more time and such." Drawing her step slower approaching a broken wall, the sound of rattling signified that already their trek would have to begin. "Here," She motioned pointing quickly making short light darting movements to duck beside it. Him following quick behind. "I just want to see if Ridlef is here." Attempting to dissolve his fears, Sebastion shook his head.

    "And if he is? Then what?"

    "Then I kill him, simple."

    Looking aghast at her that she could say something so easily with no complex thought, his head shook. "It never works like that. You can't just drop in on someone and slit their throat! This isn't a fairy-tale Nariko." Wanting to poke holes in her flawed logic the man shook his head with a little more vigor. "There is no way this is happening, you better have a much better idea of a plan than that otherwise we will both be screwed before any of this happens." Patting him kindly on the shoulder with the hopes to calm his worry, the woman merely smiled.

    "I always have a plan but sometimes you have to improvise. Just follow my lead alright?" Ducking without so much as a second to let him say anything further, she scurried behind the stal that had turned away to walk the way he had come. Sebastion would have to learn quick to keep up if he wanted to really survive.
  2. Saint Stonestalk



    LV: 1

    Softly crunching under her boot did its carapace crack and break from the pressure letting the goo of its inners spread upon the stony floor; webs cluttered within the room attempting to keep it from the light of day. Not that there was much in the first place.

    How long had they been inside? One couldn't tell and she gave up trying upon first thought. Sebastion had been oddly quiet since they had managed to make their way inside the partially intact building, appearing to be a store of some kind. Potion bottles littered the floor in its broken array. The fluids that had once been inside long ago dried up. Dust had collected thick on nearly everything besides the things that had been moved by someone that came through here maybe occasionally. Probably that of a lurking dark army member or a being who may have considered themselves to be a brave treasure hunter but found nothing of worth within.

    She certainly didn't. Ridlef had been nowhere in sight, in earshot or anything. Honestly she shouldn't have been surprised nor should she have worked herself up into thinking it would be so easily. Such things only lead to her being internally exasperated. This game of cat and mouse would only go on longer until one of the parties decided to try something big and over the top. Ridlef far more likely than her.

    Not to say the expedition through the ruins had been entirely a waste. Sebastion's smug expression reminded her of a obese cat. Licking its lips with the intent of devouring a large plate of mushy meat and doing little more than licking the remnants of its meal from its claws.

    Tucked neatly away in his pack was a few tomes. No thicker than a mere inch so hardly a tome by her standards, they had scribbles of words and very little intrigue to have her paying attention. He made mention that they were shiekahn but that did little to grapple her long off stare. Rather she just wanted to get out of here before they were caught. Seeming to sense that she was in no mood for conversation the half breed man buttoned his lip. Merely walking alongside following her lead when she gave it and content with the prize he had.

    The trip was a bust but she was not finished. They may have been out of luck within the ruins but there was still a place to see and it was close by. Although she would not mention this to Sebastion as she did not want to keep the man longer from Kasuto than what she already had. Certainly his family would be wanting him home and possibly to set off on an adventure of their own which she would not halt. It would be far more than what she had to offer. Chasing a ghost of a wizzrobe. Really, it didn't even sound like fun by her standards but her honor was at stake. That would serve to keep her heated in this mission.

    For now it was just getting out that was her concern. One that was not pressing as she had made the ease of slipping into the ruins, it was simply just back tracking. Nothing strenuous by any means. Just a simple hop skip and a jump.

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