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Isla the Kokiri

Discussion in 'Approved Character Sheets' started by Isla, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Name: Isla (Like island)
    Other Aliases:
    The girl in the mask, the happy mask girl

    Physical Description: Isla is a girl shrouded in a heavy dark green scarf and long brown coat. Every part of her body is covered excepting the bangs of her straight black hair that peek out from under the scarf to frame her plain white mask. The mask is a simplistic happy smile and empty smiling eyes. By her height and slim build, one would guess at her being eleven or twelve years of age.

    What Isla hides is a body covered in burn marks. The right side of her face, neck, and arm have the worst of it as well as her back. Both hands are burned, the left up nearly to the elbow. She hides the damage on her legs with thick black leggings, and her hands and arms with heavy gloves and long sleeves. Her eyes, if one can get a glimpse are a dark pine green, and the undamaged side of her face is careworn and hollow-cheeked.

    Personality: Isla is a seeker of knowledge, both from reading and from experience, thus she reads extensively, but also spends a good deal of time out and about, exploring the land, garnering knowledge from the people she meets, and recording her discoveries. None-the-less she is an introverted individual, and often needs time to be alone with her thoughts to recover the energy spent in interactions. Even her fairy gives her a little space at times, wandering within earshot, but letting her alone otherwise.

    Isla used to be very aware of the living spirits in the forest where she grew up, and would speak with them, but since the great fire she has become more entuned to ghosts, places of past sadness and violence, such as battlefields and graveyards, and she has an affinity for poes and lost souls. As such her mood is often affected by the area she is in. Around towns and living people she is more predisposed to cheerfulness; in graveyards, she turns more melancholy or introspectiveness. A battle field or a place of massacre may leave her angry, sad, or frightened, depending on the whispers of the dead. Having lived through the Burning of the Lost Woods, she is still grieving for the loss of so much family, and the Great Deku Tree, who had protected the Kokiri for so long.

    Before the tragedy of the great Burning, Isla was a pillar of strength to the Kokiri, a big sister ready to give advice, mend an injury, or admonish the disobedient and protect the weak. She never shirked her share of work and had a strong sense of duty. As such in her travels she is always ready to lend a helping hand and if it is within her experience, to give advice and impart knowledge.

    When troubled, Isla keeps things to herself, not wishing to burden others with her problems. As such she has kept a lot of her pain buried deep, bottling up her emotions. This results in her occasionally snapping suddenly at people at some slight provocation. Isla has a very difficult time putting her trust fully in another, and prefers to deal with problems on her own, relying only on herself to get a job done, or solve a problem. This has caused some friction between herself and her fairy Eru, who tries to get her to open up more to people and have a little faith in others’ abilities and wisdom.

    Isla is very self-conscious of her burns. She used to hide them so as not to frighten the younger Kokiri or remind them of the Burning. The scars that remained were also painful reminders to herself of that horrible day. Seeing herself in the reflection of others’ eyes or in still waters, made Isla obsess on the past, and how she could have done things differently to save everyone. She does not wish for strangers to see, for she does not want to be seen as pitiable, nor does she wish to be mocked for the disfiguring scars.

    Family: The Kokiri and the Great Deku Tree. Her fairy partner Eru, who glows green and is male.

    Magical Talents: Spirit. Isla has an affinity for the soul and especially ghostly energies. She can manifest her spirit a few feet from herself as a momentary shield, and sometimes to do a few simple things such as pick up and toss and item. She can calm the spirit of the mischievous poes that wander the graveyards and lonesome places of Hyrule, and sometimes gains information from them. She sees ghosts, and sometimes feels remnants of energy in places where there were intense emotions, such as places where a battle took place.

    Weapons and Talents: A bow and slingshot. Isla has excellent aim from a century and then some of practice and she is ambidextrous when using her weapons. Isla has a talent for music, and enjoys playing a stringed instrument, much like a violin, on occasion.

    Isla has many acquired skills on survival in the wild such a foraging, building smokeless fires, and tracking while remaining undetectable and untraceable herself.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Although excellent with the bow, the burns Isla sustained have caused issues with her muscles, and too much exertion over time can begin to tell on her, making it harder to draw the string back and maintain aim without shaking and pain. Usually she relies on her slingshot unless she means to make fatal or more injurious shots, as it takes less effort to use.

    Isla can manifest her soul, but it only works as a shield or a momentary double a couple times before she must recover for a day. She cannot yet interfere with the souls of others as she is afraid of being invasive, even to ghosts of the deceased except for calming agitated ones, even then she is still figuring it out as best she can on her own, unwilling to ask for help.

    History: In the past Isla was an older sister and mentor to the younger of her kokiri brethren. Although she valued knowledge seeking with the Great Deku Tree and the Great Fairies, or being alone exploring, she was still always ready to step out of her alone time and help anyone who sought her out. An accomplished bowman, she and the other elder kokiri were the ones who approached strangers from the outside who stumbled into their territory, to help them find their way out of the woods again or scare them off if they seemed too suspicious and dangerous to approach openly.

    Isla remained cautious, but always welcomed news of the outside world to expand her knowledge and keep up with events as much as possible. When rumors of the war began to trickle in, she became troubled and was one of the first to advocate for the kokiri to learn some self-defense. She did not say it out loud, but she feared the Great Deku Tree’s power to protect the Kokiri might not be enough.

    When the dreaded war came to them they were ill prepared, for most of the kokiri had no interest or sense of foreboding to goad them into learning any sort of weaponry, despite Isla’s encouragement. Isla herself was away from the village foraging in the forest when the marauding army attacked.

    Her fairy Eru warned her of their approach, and she sent him to warn the village, but they had discovered the enemy’s movements too late. Isla did what she could to harry the enemies she encountered, but when she saw the flames beginning to rise, and heard all the spirits in the woods cry out as the Deku Tree groaned in pain, she ran home, praying that it wasn’t so.

    Bursting out of the trees surrounding the village, Isla saw a sight forever branded into her memory, the village and the Great Deku tree, burning. Eru cried to her, screaming that there were kokiri in the fire. Without thinking Isla threw herself into those rising flames, seeking to save as many kokiri as she could. She was burned, again and again, but for every child she could rescue, she turned and dove back in for another.

    She drove herself ragged, always desperate to save one more. She was barely even aware that help had arrived, that Hylians and others had come to the aid of the kokiri. All she knew was that her family was dying.

    There was crying, deep within the smoke, in a house wreathed in flames. Isla burst in at the last moment as the whole thing came crumbling down.

    She awoke, screaming from physical and mental pain, grasping for that last child whom she had seen a moment before the world collapsed around her.

    When she had calmed down Isla learned of all that had taken place. A Hylian soldier had been literally steps behind her, trying to catch her and stop her final mad dash, he had dug her out of the ruins and brought her and the other child back to safety. The Great Deku tree, with his last breath, lifted the enchantment that bound the kokiri to the woods, allowing them to escape the rampant flames.

    Isla cried at first, mourning the loss of the Great Deku tree, the kokiri, and fairies who had perished, but then she tried to be the big sister and stow the tears away, to be the comforter. She limped about, trying to encourage her brethren, do what she could to help. Time and time again she was told to go back to her makeshift cot to be tended, and time and time again she demanded that everyone else be tended to first, that she was alright.

    Life became an unhappy blur in the aftermath of the great fire. But slowly, the kokiri began to heal, and rebuilt their lives as best they could. For the first several years Isla stayed in the forest, tending to her family, rebuilding alongside them and being as much a pillar of strength as she could be for the others to rally around.

    But over time, her spirit powers shifted along a darker path as the past pressed down upon her mind and she became more depressed. Isla found it harder and harder to put on a happy smile every day and pretend that she was okay. She wore heavier clothing, and gloves to hide her burn scars, she brushed her hair over the worst side of her face so as not to startle or frighten the youngsters, but eventually the stares and the furtive glances got to her more and more until she had a fellow kokiri, who was good with carving, make her a mask with a smile, so she could always appear happy, even when she wanted to cry.

    Some years after the end of the war when the White Peace Treaty went into effect, Isla decided it was time for a change. The new forest haven was in capable hands with the great fairy who protected them, the Kokiri had recovered and were doing well. Isla felt she could take a rest from her cares and leave for a while, have a change of scenery.

    For two years she explored the haunted forest and learned a few secret paths thanks to the aid of her spirit powers, but she dared not stray too deep. Turning her sights towards Hyrule she set off for a place entirely new.

    Leaving the forest for the first time since the weeks spent in the Hylian army’s camp, when she and the others were being tended to and recovering from the fire, Isla felt a burden lift from her shoulders, and a sense of adventure, which she had not felt since before the rumors of war had begun all those years ago.

    At first Isla was wary of strangers, spending most of her time hiding in the wilds of Hyrule field, living off the land, observing people and creatures from safe hiding places or distances. Eventually she made her way closer and closer to civilization, making hesitant contact now and then. She came across a struggling farming family one stormy evening when she was forced to ask for shelter, and she ended up living with them for a short time, helping with chores, learning about farming, and helping to keep food on the table with her foraging. There was an unpleasant necessity to hunt in order to keep the large family fed, but Isla put her discomfort aside.

    It had been about five years since the peace treaty, that Isla became more properly a part of the outside world when she came to Rauru village, making acquaintances and discovering that knowledge could be found in these things called books. She spent some time learning to read more properly, since she had only rudimentary knowledge, and over time began to devour any book she came across. Isla spent some time among the order, learning more fully about their religion. Certainly, she knew of the Goddesses, but perhaps not as thoroughly as she had first thought. But the itch to see the world for herself pulled Isla to find a balance between reading and exploration.

    Isla still visits home every so often, to regale her family with tales of the outside and the knowledge she has gained, and to also help out and just be home again.
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    Hooot! Many apologies for the wait! This looks all good to me now! I approve! Hoot!

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