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Public Rauru Academy

Discussion in 'Rauru Village' started by Ria Netherkeep, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Ria Netherkeep



    LV: 1

    The name was more of a lie than the actual building itself. When one heard the name academy naturally they would assume it was this great mass of a structure. Ringing from roof peak to floor oozing in formality of great scholars and peers alike. Sadly it was anything but. Perhaps it was meant to be something grand but hadn't found the time, the coin or the professionals to do such a thing; causing it to remain as a small little school house. Able to fit two rooms comfortably beyond the main entrance, but no more than that. Each room held at most fifteen eager malleable minds and one teacher.

    She heard once that a each of the small rooms had a bookshelf but had only been taken out to allow for a little more room meaning that they were either removed entirely or pushed into the main entrance.

    The Academy was rightly run by the Order, instructors were brought in so they could ignite hearts and minds alike in the way of Rauru. Unless it had changed from her own youth, Nyota wasn't sure it was right or wrong. Either way she had come from Kasuto to deliver the goods purchased from Hera Outpost. She didn't really care what it all was but would be glad to have it out from her wagon. Then she would be able to report to the Order about Zimo and the Academy, collect her payment and continue on again.

    Stationed outside patting Pepper's rump with a affirming affection, Marline stood close by making her presence known with a gruff hello. "Hope you have some young hands ready to help you." Nyota chimed knowing damn well she was not going to unload it all and carry it in. That would be left to another.

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