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Tane Kooper

Discussion in 'Approved Character Sheets' started by Tane, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Name: Tane Kooper
    Other Aliases: The Ace, The Blight
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Race: Hylian (round eared)

    Physical Description: Tane stands at roughly 6'0'' and though he's pretty tough, he isn't massively muscular. He's more defined and agile, however, with the powerful arms that swordplay has given him. His hair is short, a blazing fire red in color, unmistakable at any distance. It's often unruly, some messy curls making it impossible to do anything with it most times. Offset from his bright hair, Tane's eyes are a dark and bland gray, featureless and cold.

    Tane's body is covered in numerous scars, many small and hidden, but there is a horizontal scar across the side of his face, missing his eye by less than an inch. It doesn't affect his vision at all, thankfully for him. Down each arm, he has black and red runic tattoos that he uses to help channel magic he has much less skill with than his sword.

    A proper bright and heroic figure, a detective in work, Tane tends to dress nicely when he isn't clad in shining armor. He cares a lot for his appaearance and likes to look formal and presentable when among others. He dresses flashy and often in bright colors, and he's a huge fan of extravagant jewerly and trinkets with studs on his ears and rings on nearly every finger.

    Another side of Tane, one he calls the Blight, keeps him shrouded in mystery, wearing all black, usually with a flowing cape, all colorful flair gone. His face is always hidden by a mask when he's the Blight to add to the secrecy and mystery surrounding his figure.

    Personality: At first glance, Tane seems like your average, every day hero. He is polite and kind and would never turn down someone in need, a radiant pillar in any community really. He's often spoken of as being someone you could rely on who would always help you through any problem, no matter how small, and never ask anything of you in return. Very humble, he wouldn't ask for payment, only that you would remember him as a person you could count on.

    Tane's main profession lies in protecting his fellow people from horrible crimes. He's a detective first and foremost and a bounty hunter in a way. He hunts down all sorts of criminals and would solve anything from as small as a minor theft to a full blown murder. The more he works to keep people safe, the more he hopes to remain on their good side and be known only as a good guy.

    However, there's a whole other side to Tane that no one knows. He's vile and cruel and a little ill-tempered, sometimes completely unpleasant to be around. He's quick-witted and crafty, and can be extremely manipulative. Many of the more famous "crimes" he's been known to solve were staged himself so he could gain that heroic fame with the people. He isn't against murder or blackmail or whatever it takes to set something up so that he can solve it later and continue his reputation as "The Ace" as people call him.

    One of Tane's most known jobs is tracking down a ruthless monster known as Blight. He's always on his trail and anyone who calls themselves Tane's friend has confidence that the detective will prevail and catch the fiend. What they don't know though is that Tane and Blight are one in the same, Blight being an alter ego that the detective created whenever he's doing his dirtier work.

    Family: Tane has a family somewhere, but he rarely sees them anymore. According to him, they live near the Hera Outpost. They had something of a falling out many years ago and they don't exactly see eye to eye anymore.
    His father is a military man named Deen. His mother is a kindly woman named Sally. With them, he has two brothers (one older, one younger) and a younger sister by the names of Luke, Alexander, and Annah.

    Magical Talents: Tane's far more adept with a sword than with magic, but he's learned a few spells that he channels through runes down each arm.
    Down his right arm are black, wispy runes that handle shadow magic. This magic is usually for flair to create minor dark illusions and to cloak him better in the darkness. Usually, it either aids him in crimes under nightfall or it's just more like simple parlor tricks like smoke-like particles to blind enemies temporarily.
    Along Tane's left arm are bright red, fiery runes that handle his flame magic. These spells are more obvious, crafting fire from seemingly nothing and creating devastating explosions. Forming fire into usable forms, he can make a blazing sword should one of steel not be enough.

    Weapons and Talents: Tane's main weapon is a longsword, his skill with which is near mastery. With a silvery blade and a golden handle, he deems it truly a sword fit for a hero and he treasures it dearly, more than anything else he has ever owned. In fact, you could say the sword is more precious to him than his own life is. Without it, he would not be the same man. He could not be a hero without having a weapon truly worthy of one.

    Aside from his swordsmanship, he's gifted with powerful magic and has some skill with a knife. Though he's handy with knives and daggers, he as Tane never uses them and doesn't show his skill as much as he can help it. Blight is the one who uses the smaller blades and would never be caught dead with Tane's sword as it would be a dead giveaway as to his identity.

    If wits and investigative knowledge are a talent, then they're one of his greatest. Being a detective, he has a knack for finding clues and putting puzzles together. He's clever and a real genius in his field, well known all over for these skills. Alongside this, he's also quite crafty at being able to go somewhere and not leave even a trace of his presence. He's sneaky and good at leaving false clues as well. Cocky as ever, he doesn't see how he could ever be caught unless someone even smarter than himself comes along.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Athletic and powerful with a blade as well as magic, Tane is a terrific fighter that could prove difficult to best in a fair fight (though some of that might be because Tane wouldn't exactly play fair all the time). He's swift and agile and not very easily outsmarted when playing to his strengths. In a battle of strength, he's excellent. In a battle of wits, he's even better.

    Still, as good as Tane is, he's rash and overconfident. He's extremely cocky and full of himself. He has a short temper and is a sore loser. If his anger can be taken advantage of, he will make mistakes and could easily be beat. He doesn't concentrate well under severe pressure and hates being mocked and made fun of. A well placed insult can put him off his guard, making it hard for him to recover. He lashes out uncontrollably when truly in a rage and takes a great deal of time to calm down again.

    History: Tane grew up happy and carefree as most kids did, living with his parents and siblings just outside the location of the Hera Outpost. Though not the best place for kids, the outpost held good protection from any outside elements. Tane's father was a soldier and a very strict man who raised the kids under those strict rules. Not often allowed to goof around and just play, Tane was trained day after day to learn to fight. He was taught how to wield a sword and was also lectured on things like military tactics and the history of the war that ravaged Hyrule. Sadly, the only thing that really stuck in his mind well were the sword lessons as tactics were just boring to him.

    Growing up in such an environment, hearing war stories and tales of real and actual monsters, Tane decided soon what he wanted to be when he grew up, he wanted to be a hero that everyone in Hyrule would look up to. he wanted to be known in every corner of the land as a symbol of pride and power, of radiance and heroism. The only problem in all that was... the war was over, so how was he going to gain such fame so quickly?

    Though the war was long over, there was still crime in the world. There were still monsters and murderers and bad guys everywhere. Tane quickly decided he would become a detective that followed these criminals and put their dirty deeds to rest, locking them up or ending their lives if they couldn't be detained. He became obsessed with taking on the evils of the world if only for the selfish gain of getting his name known everywhere. Where he couldn't find anyone truly bad, he started to make them up just to get noticed.

    It was at this point that his family began to worry about his welfare and his health, his father outright calling him crazy and telling him he was helping people for entirely the wrong reasons. After a major fight, Tane left home and would never again return. Sometimes he still keeps in touch with his mother and siblings, but he's never spoken to his father since.

    Living on his own, he still practiced his skills and wound up becoming truly a bright and brilliant detective, and yet, though he may have been known by many, it still wasn't enough. An attempt at an honest living was short lived as he once again began creating crimes and setting people up to take the fall for things they hadn't even done. By planting evidence, he would take the smallest offense and turn it into something major so he could be known as the one who took down the worst of the worst.

    Calling these people 'the blight of the world', he soon developed the persona known as Blight. Making a name for this man, doing the most wicked things possible, Tane made it known that he would be the one to take down this evil nemesis of his.
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    I call this approved. Go fly and hoot and holler.

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