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Private The Aririke Townhouse

Discussion in 'Rauru Village' started by Zimo Aririke, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Everything was wrong. Zimo was semi-aware of one of the guards returning and witnessing the end of her exchange with Nasira, but she didn’t even have the willpower to be embarrassed for herself at that moment, allowing herself to receive the comforting pat on the back from the other woman. She could hear her saying her name, once and then twice. Perhaps Nasira was owed some explanation for why Zimo had been so affected by this, but neither was Zimo the sort of person to want to go into detail about her failures. As far as she knew, only Nariko, the people of Frostoll, the officers of the Hera Precinct, and the Inquisitorial Branch were aware of her role in the Ridlef affair. So, a large number of people in retrospect… but most in a professional capacity. She didn’t need to trouble Sira with her own issues any more than she already had.

    “You’re right,” she decided to say, feeling as if the words were more empty than she would have hoped. “The Order, our resources… this doesn’t have to be the end. I can still help him…” She wasn’t certain whether she meant Tiketh or the child, Frederick. Perhaps she meant both. Pulling away from Nasira, she met the woman’s eyes with her own. Whatever fury had been present in them before seemed lost. Whatever was left was some middle ground between determination and hopelessness, as if equal weight was being pushed down on both ends of the scale. Her mind couldn’t settle on a place to stand, so she decided to let Nasira decide for her. “I’m not a quitter,” she repeated, nodding slowly. “I’m not a quitter.” The second time, she spoke more resolutely, as if to convince herself. “No, I won’t quit. I’ll find a way to free Ben from this… curse.” One way or another, though she left this last unspoken. Nasira would never approve of her methods, but if no other option presented itself, she would have to be prepared to do her duty as an inquisitor of the Order. Walk always in the Light, lest we drag you to it—the mantra by which she swore her oaths. Evil had to be eradicated and shown no mercy.

    “Thank you Nasira,” she said, earnestly cupping the gerudo’s right hand in both of her own. “I think I needed this from you. I won’t let this be the end, I promise.” Suddenly, Zimo looked over at her shoulder at the guard who had been awkwardly standing at attention during the exchange. “What are you gawking at? We’re not done today’s work. Rally together a patrol: we’re combing the nearby fields tonight.” Some inkling feeling at the back of her mind told her it was too late for now, and that Tiketh would be long gone. She’d probably be exhausted for naught in the morning, but finding the man would be a lot more difficult once he had put some distance between himself and Rauru.

    Zimo turned back to Nasira. “I’m sorry our victorious return home turned out so shitty,” she said. “I won’t be back tonight, but Annie will let you stick around if you need a place to sleep tonight, just let her know.” Offering a broken smile, the zora planted a hand firmly on the gerudo’s shoulder. “I won’t blame you if you’re not still here in the morning though. Thanks for everything, Sira, and goodbye.”

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