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Public The Big Top

Discussion in 'Talus Cave' started by Aphodias, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Jun 2, 2016
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    Deeper in the Talus Caves, nestled away and forgotten until it was discovered by enterprising and intrepid miners, the Goron found a grand cavern. Deep in the earth, and too-far from the heart of the volcano of Death Mountain, the cavern was at first considered more or less useless to all but the more ambitious Goron. It lacked for any natural resources, and was too cold for most goron tastes. Hylian trade routes, however, began to warp that. After some more excavation, they managed to settle the echoing majesty. With less and less need for living space, the grounds were instead transformed into The Big Top.

    A grand and garish establishment, The Big Top was a stadium born of the dream that wanderers and gamblers would have a place to call home. The Big Top stands as an accomplishment of the traveling tradesmen and entertainers that collectively established the stadium. Large enough for horses, wild animals, and other curiosities, the central ring is a large enough stage for any act, though its most frequent use is for bloodsport. The floor of the ring, lined with sand from the Tantari Desert, seems a wold apart from the thronging crowd gathered around it. Here vicious men and women become great, and here the meek are weeded out.


    Cage rattled with nervous tension as they approached the end of their journey. Aph drew himself up from the floor, nervous energy and dreadful anticipation pressing on his nerves like the heat of coal beneath burnt ashes. His eyes blinked as the mountain passage enveloped the cart, taking the lot of them into darkness for a moment before daylight gave way for torchlight.

    The scent of the mules, hot sweat and animal, pushed into the calm of the passageway, warmed only by torchlight. Aph reached up, tightening the cloth he wore over his head, the heat of the day and pulsing strength of the sunlight forgotten in a now-shrinking square of grey-hued light.

    The cart was called to a halt, just before a fork. One passage way continued forward. The other continued down, path obviously rougher than the first. A guard that was human, though from his rotund form it seemed he was trying to fit in amongst the Goron as one of their own, sniffled and shuffled, inspecting the cage with his too-small eyes. He looked finally to the driver, “Prisoners, from Hera Outpost.”

    The man checked a sheaf of poorly arranged paper, fat finger tracing some line of text. His voice came, soft and delicate, “Any combat training?” Aph began laughing loudly at the fat man. Jho kicking his ankle quietly did nothing to abate his laughter. This guy was in charge of his fate. The coward clutched at his own belly and slid half-way down against the bars. The driver and the guard, confused for just a moment, returned to their work. Driver nodded. Fat man checked a line and pointed downward.

    They continued.

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