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The Eight Elements and their Effects

Discussion in 'Battle System Instructions' started by Kaepora Gaebora, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. Kaepora Gaebora

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    Apr 19, 2016
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    There are eight magical elements, each of which may possibly be super effective or resisted by enemies in quests. Each element has a unique ability that can be triggered by activating it as a Focus ability for 3 Focus points. Most commonly, elemental effects are used by mages attacking with Spell Proficiency. However, elemental effects can be attached to weapons with perks/gear as well, allowing them to be utilized by non-mage characters in some circumstances. When attacking with an element, declare the element you intend to use before rolling.

    Fire - Fire magic can set enemies aflame. For 3 Focus, targets take (Wisdom) damage per turn for (Power) turns. In RP, Fire includes control over fire and heat, manipulating them to the caster’s will. Its natural opposite is Water.

    Water (Includes Ice) - Water magic can slow the opponent. For 3 Focus, targets are slowed -5ft Movement for (Wisdom) turns. In RP, Water deals with the manipulation of water in all its states of matter. Its natural opposite is Fire.

    Earth - Earth magic shatters and damages multiple enemies. For 3 Focus, enemies within 5ft of the target take (Power)+(Courage) damage. In RP, Earth deals with the manipulation of the earth, stone, and even metal. Its natural opposite is Wind.

    Wind (Includes Electric) - Wind can blow the enemy away. For 3 Focus, target is knocked back up to (Power)x5ft. Target cannot be knocked out of bounds. In RP, Wind includes control over the air and electricity. Its natural opposite is Earth.

    Light - Light magic can blind the opponent. For 3 Focus, targets take a negative modifier equal to (Wisdom) to Accuracy on their next accuracy roll. In RP, Light deals with control over holy powers and brightness. Its natural opposite is Shadow.

    Shadow (Includes Twilight) - Dark magic can sap the opponent’s defenses. For 3 Focus, targets take a negative modifier equal to (Power) to their Defense the next time they are attacked. In RP, Shadow deals with control over “darkness” and includes hexes and the dark arts. Twilight magic is a form unique to the Twili that has particle effects. Its natural opposite is Light.

    Spirit - Spirit magic can interfere with the enemy’s will to fight. For 3 Focus, targets take a negative modifier equal to (Courage) to their Damage on their next damage roll. In RP, Spirit includes the manipulation of one’s own soul, the spirits of others, and otherwise ghostly energies. It effectively deals with spiritual and ghostly energy, and its natural opposite is Forest.

    Forest - Forest magic can drain vitality from opponents. For 3 Focus, heal yourself equal to (Wisdom)+(Courage). In RP, Forest includes control over various plant-life and flora, sometimes extending to fauna to assist with animal empathy. It effectively deals with nature and “life energy” and its natural opposite is Spirit.
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