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Public The Once Grand Library of Hyrule

Discussion in 'Harkinian Ruins' started by Abraxas Voltaire, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Leaving the party to the Haunted Woods was not something Abraxas took lightly. Entering that place was always a dream for him, but he knew he couldn’t deny the request of the snake that was Salazar. As he was about the leave Rauru, he was accosted by a messenger and given a message by the man to perform an errand for him. To deny the master of the Black Tavern was to cut all ties with it. Though it depressed the Sheikah that he even needed to resort to such seedy places to conduct trade, he would not be able to trade off his finds for such lucrative profit.

    Dusk had begun to fall over the ruins, the last light pouring through the remains of the capital. Redead were scattered like rats, either curled up on the ground, dormant. Or they roamed mindlessly, following any distraction that caught their hollowed out eyes. These were all once people, alive and with purpose. Their condition not of their own choosing. Abraxas wanted to help them, but there was nothing he could do for these poor people besides end their misery. Silently, he wandered through the streets, avoiding the main streets and plazas that attracted the dead. The occasional redead stumbled across his path. Abraxas simply summoned light to stun them, then used shadow magic to rewrite the curse within them – ‘killing’ them instantly.

    He hated coming here, it was just a kick in the teeth. The city was still beautiful, you can see it beneath the toppled columns and the grim if you truly looked. However, he was obliged to, he needed to find something. His destination was the Grand Library, or what was the Grand Library before the books were either rushed to safety, stolen or burned for fuel. Over the years people had ventured in and attempted to rescue what remained, there were secret stashes and rooms dotted about the building that held the most precious of tomes, guarding Hyrule’s long and complex history. One such book was rumored to remain within its walls, locked away and it was this book that Salazar requested. Why he wanted it, why he even knew about it, Abraxas wasn’t sure. He wasn’t even sure what nature the book was, this he imagined it was something dark and sinister.

    Abraxas sensed the darkness of the sky thickening. The city was far too dangerous to roam during the night. He looked around, the broken street showed little sign of protection and shelter. Some of the second floor rooms would prove safer than the rest so the Sheikah headed for one of those. Pushing open a rotting door, Abraxas ventured inside an abandoned house and wandered upstairs.
  2. The night was relatively quiet. The occasional shuffling from outside pricked the Sheikah's ears, but other than that, Abraxas was left undisturbed. He had erected wards on the doors and windows of the room he slept in, a house torn apart by neglect. It was a bedroom and fortunately, still had a bed though Abraxas removed the rotting mattress, infected with bedbugs and set up his camping roll over the wooden from to keep him off the ground.

    With the sun peaking through the dirty windows, the Sheikah awoke, repacked and brought down the wards. The Redeads would have left the streets by now, afraid and weak to the light. Still, the void of the city would be quickly filled by other monsters looking to seek prizes in the decay. Abraxas was not the only adventurer to venture the city, so the offer of meat was always up for grabs. In theory, day time in the city was more dangerous, there were smarter foes and harder places to hide. But Abraxas knew the city well enough to skirt around the more dangerous places. He climbed out of the windows, and took a grip of the overhanging roof. Pulling himself up, he looked over the streets from the rooftop and planned his route through he city. The library was located more towards the old castle, the former stronghold of the Evil King. The odd moblin archer patrolled around, seeking out intruders who ventured too close to their territory, and that often included rival moblin gangs.

    Running above the city saved a tremendous amount of time. There was little need to turn corners, or stop and navigate. Everything was pretty much flat and easy to see. Occasionally he was parkour up a taller building, giving him an even greater view of the city. The Library stood out to the north of his position, a crumbling structure, surrounded by bones of scholars who tried to protect it. Abraxas didn't know a great deal regarding the attack on the city, and the valiance of those who tried to defend it. But it was clear to see they suffered the ultimate defeat. An arrow zipped past him just as he was about to run. It stuck into the wall behind him, a crude looking shaft. The arrow tip looked like it was made from scrap. Another arrow came, this time more on point. The Sheikah looked in the direction of where the arrow came from, seeing a moblin scout already nocking another arrow. Pushing off at full force, Abraxas ran over the rooftops with expert agility, and as another arrow came towards him, he ducked, feeling the whoosh of its feathers glance him by. The moblin panicked now as the Sheikah rushed at him, fumbling to put another arrow together. Realising it would be too late, he dropped the bow and withdrew a rusted blade. Too late. Abraxas fell upon the creature, pushing an magically imbued fist into the moblin's face. Blood erupted from the moblins face as it fumbled around on the ground. Abraxas withdrew his blade and thrust it through the temple of the moblin - it stopped moving. The attack was brutal, but necessary. He could let him be without giving away his position. In fact, he was thankful the moblin hadn't called for reinforcements already, most scouts carried horns.

    Wiping off his blade on the moblins mocked up armour, Abraxas stood and reviewed his position. The moblins vantage point brought him closer to the Library, with it being only a few rooftops away. The skylight to the Library had been broken, with some windows in the upper floors granting free access without attracting attention. Sheathing his blade, the Sheikah made for one of the broken upper floor windows.
  3. Most of the windows of the library were broken or still open. Abraxas found a balcony an easy jump away from the rooftop he was currently on. With grace, he jumped and rolled, landing on the balcony. He didn't anticipate shattered glass on the stone floor, which scratched at his armor. Standing, he brushed himself down and carefully poked his way through the broken door.

    Inside was cavernous, a temple of learning. Many of the shelves were bare, the pages that once lived here had been taken or used as fuel by the moblin raiders which patrolled the city. Fortunately, the Library offered them little value now, its most precious items long since pilfered. And so, Abraxas made his way along the upper floor hallway with relative ease, making notes of his current position in case he needed a swift exited. According to the note from Salazar, there was a book still hidden within the Library - or at least, should still be in the Library. It was hidden away in the censored section of the Library, which the Sheikah knew to be underground in one of the subterranean rooms. Usually it was locked and guarded, but thieves had found their way into that place too, taking tomes which should not be out in the open. But there were still many secrets in the catacombs - safe places that could not be opened without the right keys.

    Abraxas had no key, nor map to find this book Salazar wanted. The only clue being that it was underground, and he could get it without much hassle. So far so good. Taking marble steps down from the upper levels, he noticed the beauty of the Library in the sun's light. It was bright and spacious, with monoliths etched into the walls, dedicated to the gods and the sages. The floor was dirty though, scattered with torn, half burned pages and debris from wooden chairs and tables used by the Scholars to sit and read. Then there was the dust and mildrew which replaced the once regal carpets and rugs. He reached the ground floor and looked around for gated entrance to the lower levels. Nothing as of yet stood out. The Library was very much like a temple, with the alter at the head of the building. In this case, there was a statue of the Golden Goddesses, surrounded by light spirits. Abraxas' felt betrayal as he looked upon it. Moblins had desecrated the statue, placing their markings and crude relics upon the stone. The Sheikah wasn't sure if Moblins held any respect for the Goddesses or not, but he knew Din wouldn't smite them anytime soon for their insolence.

    Moving passed the statue, Abraxas noted a rusted iron gate conspicuously cut into wall. It didn't look like much, a simple barred portcullis. This had to be it. He moved over and pushed open the gate to a tremendous screech. The sound reverberated around the Library, amplified greatly. He shuddered, knowing that it must've been heard by any nearby. Stepping through, he raised a wall of magic behind him, sealing himself inside. The wall would offer him some protection, Moblins were not known for the magical prowess. The way ahead was dark and damp. He summoned a ball of light and descended.
  4. The smell aggravated him the most. The stench of decades of sewage, that would normally be washed away, sat in the catacombs of the city, where all tunnels and pathways were connected. This meant the air down there flowed through the entire under-city, bringing with it the foul odours. Abraxas raised the scarf from around his neck and placed it over his mouth and nose, a futile attempt of filtering out the bad smells. It helped, albeit marginally.

    The little orb he created bobbed up and down, like a Kokiri's fairy or a very fat firefly. It offered little light due to its size, just enough to cover a few meters either way. Fortunately, his heritage gave him apt sight in the dark, his red eyes making out objects in the darkness that other races would easily miss. Pressing forwards, careful to mind his step on the slippery rock surface of the staircase, he made his way down for quite some time. Immediately his skin began to shiver and the temperature dropped, a clear sign that the dead wandered this place. At night, the city was home to Redeads and Poes, and yet by daybreak, they had all but left the streets to the living. Where had they gone? Though Abraxas had an inkling, he hated when said theories came true. The catacombs would be the perfect environment for the dead - damp, cold and dark. He willed the floating orb of light more power, it's radiance increasing two fold, casting light over a greater area. Though it would make him more noticeable to the enemy, the light would hopefully keep them back. The dark was a greater comfort than a kill - at least he hoped, anyway.

    Upon finishing the flight of steps, Abraxas came to a room filled with wooden crates. Most were broken open, with decaying straw littering the floor, along with shards of wood. Bandits and thieves had already looted this room for its worth. The way ahead seemed closed, a door of metal barring his advance. The Sheikah moved closer to inspect it. The door he been dented, blackened by fire, scratched and torn at. Yet, when Abraxas attempted to open the door, it remained closed. It would seem that no-one had been able to pass this point, despite their best efforts. The Sheikah looked around the room. How was he to open this door? There wasn't even a keyhole. If there had been, no doubt it would have been picked open. The handle had even been broken off or never existed at all. Something here had to trigger open the door, a puzzle or a hidden key. Reaching out, he felt the walls or any kind of hidden switch. They felt smooth to the touch, cold and moist. He felt nothing change under the gentle pressure he applied with his fingertips. The room wasn't that big but Abraxas didn't seem himself touching up every brick for a chance to find the switch, he was already wasting enough time.

    Moving side crates, he looked for any compartments behind them. A small crate, air duct of sorts, was all he found. The bars had been broken, thieves seemingly already inspecting whether they'd fit inside. There was no hope, even a child would struggle. He laid down on the floor and looked down the cut channel. It was black and empty. Abraxas sighed until something flickered when his orb of light wafted passed. Directing the orb downwards and into the channel, the Sheikah smiled at what he saw. Down the channel, roughly five meters of so, was a dull diamond shaped crystal. Abraxas knew these ancient devices were used as switches, but only activated when they were struck. His magic would be useless in this, as they had little physical affect. Getting up to his knees, he looked around the service, for a stone or something spherical that he could roll down the channel. Nothing stood out. The Sheikah growled, the day wasn't going his way. This led him to follow a different approach. Taking the planks of wood from the crates, he fed them into the channel. He used each new plank to push the one in front of it further into the tunnel. After six or seven planks he felt resistance. Looking down the channel, the first plank was now touching the crystal. WIth a toe-punt to the end of the last plank, the force travelled down the row of planks, striking at the crystal. A hum resounded from the channel and the metal door shuddered before elevating upwards into the ceiling. The way ahead was now open.
  5. Abraxas mentally ordered the orb of light ahead of him, to enter the darkness behind the doorway. It was his only shield in the depths of the Library and the under-city, its light trying with all its might to push away the darkness - the nutrition of the damned that roamed below. Following the orb, Abraxas was mindful of his surroundings. The room ahead was expansive and untouched. There were tomes bound with chains, looked under glass cages. The Sheikah could feel the power emanating from those pages, it was dark and unwelcoming. There were many other sensations within the room, strong feelings of magic, both good and evil. No doubt this area was the restricted section of the Library, reserved for only the most dedicated of Scholars with the highest permissions. It was no wonder why Salazar asked Abraxas to come here, there would be a whole array of valuable assets hidden within this room.

    Moving forward, guided by his orb, the Sheikah took note of any other mysteries the room had to offer. On the whole, despite his limited view of the room, it seemed like an ordinary section of the library, with benches to read from and bookshelves. A cold sensation brushed passed him causing Abraxas to shiver. At first he thought it was a wind current coming from somewhere, but the room felt too warm and he'd occasionally feel a warm draft reach his cheeks. Cautiously, he moved around the room in attempt to feel it again - but nothing happened. Putting it down to fluke, he returned his attention back to the room. Ahead of him was a stone in a cube shape. The corners were rounded, with decoration etched in the granite-like surface. Abraxas reached forward and touched its surface. It was cold to the touch, but smooth. He deduced the material was black marble, with gold veins running through it. It was a beautiful looking rock, but he didn't understand the relevance of it. He was about to turn away from it when something on the rock caught his eye - the Sheikah Eye, the symbol of his people. He traced his finger over the surface, feeling the grooves. The stone warmed, welcoming Abraxas' touch. The rock clicked, a thin line appearing around its sides.

    "It's a box." He muttered, feeling the groove on the side. The cold breeze returned, this time it rushed through him, filling him with chill. He shuddered, his breath clouding from the change in temperature. Something definitely wasn't right with the aura of the room. Lifting the stone lid, and bringing the orb of light closer, Abraxas saw a shard of purple glass sitting on a velvet cushion. With raised eyebrows, he inspected the shard. It didn't seem particularly special, the edge of the shard was smoothed down so it wasn't sharp. He raised it to his face and looked through it.

    "Argh." He cried, almost dropping the shard. He stumbled back a few paces before gathering his composure. Quickly, he raised the purple glass to his eyes again and saw the source of the coldness. A Poe, but not like any other. This was one large and dressed in a rotten white gown. It's eyes looked like they had been torn out and the lantern it carried was large and heavy. The light within burned brightly, despite not revealing itself in the physical world. Memories of his grandfather came back, he had heard tales of these shards of glass, named lenses of truth for their ability to reveal hidden and false things.

    With one hand holding the glass to his face, he summoned light in his spare, so bright the entire room illuminated as if it were daytime. The Poe growled with pain, its ethereal essence being forced into the physical realm due to the lights power. Its form solidified until finally it could not longer resist the pull, the ghost returning to the land of the living. He quickly placed the shard into his bag and stared down the Poe that was now before him. The light of the lantern expelled an ugly blue aura across the room, giving the appearance that the room was under water.

    "Goddesses forgive you for whatever sins keep you here, Spirit." Called Abraxas, preparing the rites to force the Poe to move on. The creature growled, its tongue undecipherable. It swung its huge lantern like a mace, smashing a bench to splinters in front of it. Abraxas jumped backwards, growling back as a shard of wood from the bench scratched him as it flew by. The lantern swung against, though this time the Sheikah raised his hand. The mace hit a magical barrier of light, before it exploded against the lantern forcing the Poe backwards several meters. It smashed into a bookshelf, sending tomes flying in all directions. It groaned, feeling pain for the first time in a long time. Abraxas took a step forward, magic already primed.
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