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Vagant, the Wanderer

Discussion in 'Approved Character Sheets' started by Vagant, Sep 4, 2018.

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    Jul 26, 2018
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    Varus, Conway
    Name: Erilandar Genthyra
    Other Aliases: Vagant, The wanderer
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hylian

    Physical Description:
    Art by Andy Bennett

    Vagant is tall, standing at about 6'1", and, lean a mere 175 lb. He wears light lether armor, which provides some protection without limiting his movement. He has heavier armor on his left arm, which is specifically used as his forward parrying arm, the most notable of which is a large pauldron that also serves to protect his neck. His face has several scars from previous battles and always has a slight goatee. His shirt falls to below his knees with a part that part in them as to not hamper his movement, he carries a sword on his back and a dagger in his belt, along with a small coin purse and two pouches filled with useful items. He looks younger than his age, but his eyes are sharp with experience and wisdom.

    Personality: Vagant has a very rough personality, at least on the outside. His experiences during the war were what shaped him the most. He enjoys silence and will often remain silent unless there is an idea he wishes to express, though he can often get his point across with a glance or a grunt. When he does speak, his voice is rough and course, but behind it is years of experience and an attitude that makes one always want to at least hear out his point. He is always short and to the point, and does not like people who go off on long tangents or speak when there is no real reason for it. He does have a softer side that he hides away. This side to him is gentle and where most of his wisdom comes from, but it has been locked away by the horrible things he has seen during the war. He rarely smiles except when this side of him comes out.

    Family: Galan Genthyra(Father, deceased), Thalia Genthyra(Mother, unknown), Elidyr Genthyra(Younger Brother, deceased)

    Magical Talents: His magical talents lay only in Shadow magic. He uses this magic to cling to the shadows and almost disappear entirely, a skill which he uses to the fullest degree. He also uses it as a distraction to to blind his enemies as he strikes or escapes. While his shadow magic skills are nothing compared to the power of a master, he uses what he has in conjunction with other tools and his own physical skills to be just as deadly and efficient.

    Weapons and Talents: Vagant only carries two weapons, a longsword on his back and a dagger in his belt, there are no hidden weapons. If he wanted to hide his weapons then he would hide himself, as Vagant himself is the deadliest weapon, and the rest are just tools to increase that leathality. He excels in combat, holding much skill in the blade, and is adept at stealth. In his belt are several tools that help him, such as a grappling hook and smoke bombs.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Vagant is a master of the blade and of stealth. He has never been matched in single combat, and has never failed to defeat an enemy when he had the drop on them. These skills have gained him a reputation as an assassin, though that is not his main line of work. By far though his greatest strength however is his experience. He makes it a point to know more about an enemy than they do before fighting them, and is keenly aware of all of his strengths and weaknesses.

    While he is unmatched thus far in single combat, probably his greatest weakness is in fighting multiple skilled opponents. Now this does not mean he is hopeless against several nearly mindless -blins, or a small band of ragtag highway men, as they are still terribly over-matched against him. Though if it comes to fighting multiple skilled fighters, like career assassins, well coordinated teams of fighters, or hordes of enemies, then Vagant is in for some trouble. It is from situations like this that he gained his scars. He is very keenly aware of this weakness however and will use every tactic available to him to lessen the amount of enemies he faces at once.

    History: Erilandar was born and came of age during the war, as such, It had a great affect on who he grew up to be. He was born to Galan Genthyra and Thalia Genthyra. Galan had joined the army at the start of the war and had served with Bravery and dedication. His actions in battle got him promoted to Captain, and he was given command of a platoon of soldiers. His unit was one of many that were stationed within Castle City, which was convenient as that was where he and his family lived. Erilandar was the firstborn of Galan and Genthyra, and grew up to adore his father. His father instilled him with a great love for his country and a romanticized view of the war and military. He learned to hold a sword at the same time as he learned to walk. He trained rigorously with his father and would often be found in the barracks talking with the soldiers there. It was no surprise to anyone that Erilandar joined the army when he came of age.

    He quickly gained a reputation as a very good soldier. He already was a step above all of the other recruits he was training with, and anything he didn't know already came quickly to him. He was undefeated in spars and worked well with his team during mock skirmishes. He quickly gained experience out in the field against the foe, fighting with such bravery and ferocity that he was given several awards for his actions. He was a model soldier that the rest of his comrades looked up to for inspiration. He also grew in rank and ended up as the leader of a squad of his own men. His squad also gained a reputation as a highly elite unit that provided a huge moral boost whenever they took to the field. His unit was eventually assigned to Defend Castle city too, though not under his father's command. His unit was assigned to a different platoon on the opposite side of the city, though it was still close enough that he could visit his family every day if he wished it. By this point, Erilandar's brother Elidyr was seven and looked to be following in his brother's footsteps.

    Then everything changed when the forces of Gannon attacked. When they struck Castle City, Erilandar was on the opposite side of the city from his family, holding out against wave after wave of enemies. While he and his men held out well, others we not so lucky. The section of fortification under his father's command was hit especially hard. At first it was left untouched and Galan sent some of his forces to reinforce other parts of the city, but that is what the forces of Gannon wanted to happen. When Galan's forces were weakened they struck at his section with overwhelming force, swiftly making it over the walls and pushing them into a close range struggle. Galan held out bravely, but the enemies vastly outnumbered him, and he quickly fell. From there other parts of the fortifications began to fall. Erilandar's section held firm, but they were forced to fall back as to not become surrounded by the enemy forces within the city. The unit became separated and scattered all about the city. Erilandar and his Squad were forced to face down dozens of Moblins on their own, and one by one they fell. Erilandar was alone still fighting. For each member in his squad killed that day, he killed ten enemies, but soon he too fell the the hordes of foes.

    By some miracle he was not killed on that day. When he woke, he saw only the devastation and destruction all around him. He was wounded but not killed. He made his way back towards his house, avoiding enemy patrols on his way. He came to his house, it was a destroyed and ruined heap. He picked his way through it, finding the body of his mother. The grief within him was unimaginable, be he knew he could not express himself there, else he would share her fate. Near her corpse he found the wooden training sword with which his younger brother practiced. Once again he feared the worst, and though he did not find the body, there was little to no hope that he had survived. He made his way to his father's battlement, and began looking for him there. It made him all the more distraught to find his mutilated body, scattered across the ground. He took his father's longsword, and fled the city, not mourning his losses until he was far away and safe.

    Since that day he has taken to the life of a wanderer, always moving and never finding a place where he ever fits in. He took the name Vagant forgetting is former name, and made a life for himself, wandering around taking whatever jobs come his way.
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